Outstanding Sponsorship opportunities at the Mitcham Bowling Club

The Mitcham Bowling Club offers outstanding opportunities for sponsorship partners to significantly lift their corporate profile and promote their goods and services to the hundreds of bowlers and spectators who will visit Mitcham over the next 12 months and beyond – together with a range of community groups who now share the Club’s facilities.


  • 200 male and female members
  • 1,000+ barefoot social bowls participants
  • Over 1,500 visiting players every season
  • Not just lawn bowls! – We also host EDDL Darts, Bingo, Fishing Club, Anzac Day event
  • Located within Halliday Park – the most highly used park in the City of Whitehorse
  • 4 teams in Saturday Pennant competition
  • 2 teams in the Tuesday Pennant competition
  • 3 teams in Night Pennant

All this adds up to a strong local sporting and community group which offers great opportunities for sponsors to add value to their business portfolios.

Sponsorship Prospectus

A range of sponsorships is available, ranging from naming rights to key Club events, scoreboard and players’ shed signage, event prizes and trophies.

Opportunities are available as follows, but this is not an exhaustive list. All proposals are negotiable.

Thank you to our major Club sponsor, Harcourt’s Mitcham and our supporting sponsors listed below.

Sponsorship Packages

Major Club Sponsorship

Full naming rights have been acquired by:


Club Events

• Naming Rights

$500 per event (+GST)

Players’ Shed Signage

• Description (eg. Sign 1800mm x 1200mm on outer wall of Players’ Shed)

$300 (+GST) annually

Under-seat Signage

• Description (eg. Sign 1800mm x 1200mm…)

$250 (+GST) annually

Scoreboard Signage

• Description (eg. Sign 1800mm x 1200mm…)

$180 (+GST) annually

* Please note: Prices quoted here are for advertising space only.
Signage production and manufacture are at the sponsor’s cost.

Event Prizes & Trophies

• Negotiable

$100 (+GST) minimum per event

The Club will tailor packages to meet the requirements of the sponsor.

If you would like to support the club and none of these sponsorship packages suit your needs, please contact us and we can discuss other options. The Mitcham Bowling Club is committed to working with businesses to ensure that mutual benefit can be achieved.

For more information please contact our Sponsorship Co-ordinator:

Email: mitchambowls@bigpond.com

Mitcham Bowling Club
P O Box 274 Mitcham 3132